Faculty Advisers for Urban Studies

Yale does not have a department or major in urban studies; nevertheless, several Yale faculty members have made themselves available to advise students interested in urban studies. Advisers help students identify appropriate sequences and combinations of courses. Advisers also meet with students writing senior essays on interdisciplinary urban topics.

Faculty Advisers for 2016-2017
Laura Barraclough (American Studies)
Gordon Geballe (Forestry & Environmental Studies)
Jay Gitlin (History)
Cynthia Horan (Political Science)
Alan Plattus (Architecture)
Douglas Rae (School of Management, Political Science)
Elihu Rubin (Architecture)

For the 2016-2017 academic year, Elihu Rubin (elihu.rubin@yale.edu) will serve as the primary point of contact for students interested in urban studies.