The Evolution of Community Based Learning at Yale:

Community Based Learning at Yale started in the Spring of 2002. The program was first piloted in a special CBL section for the “New Haven and the Problem of Change in the American City” in Fall of 2003.   Evaluations of this section indicate that the students found CBL a worthwhile academic and service experience and that projects satisfied community needs.   It was therefore continued in the Spring of 2004 in two classes. One was a Trumbull College seminar called “Welfare: Policy and Practice” offered by Georgia Levenson; CBL projects were required.   The other was a lecture course called, “Urban Poverty and Policy” offered by Peter Marris.   CBL projects were optional. In the Fall of 2004, two classes offered optional CBL classes:   “Local Powers: Politics and Governance in Urban Regions” taught by Cynthia Farrar and “Architectural Design Studio” taught by Alan Plattus.