Student Work

  • "An Atlas of Urbanization": a collection of student work from Urban Lab I. Credit: Liwei Wang
  • Andrea Masterson ('19) presenting her work from Urban Lab I. Photo Credits: Liwei Wang

Example of Work by Yale Undergrads

Interested in seeing what your fellow classmates have been up to in the field of urban studies? Look below for a list of articles and projects written by Yale undergrads. If you have work that you’d like to have shared on this page, please e-mail:

Recent Work

Urban Lab I Exhibit: An Atlas of Urbanization [Slifka Center, January through March]

Robert Scaramuccia (‘19): Talk in the Town Episode 1: Up the Country [Yale Daily News Magazine]…

Robert Scaramuccia (‘19): Talk in the Town Episode 2: Abandoning the 10th Square [Yale Daily News Magazine]…

Flora Lipsky (‘19): How the Green Grows [Yale Daily News Magazine]

Andrew Sandweiss (‘19): Freedom of Mobility [The New Journal]

Andrew Sandweiss (‘19): Going South [Yale daily News Magazine