Student Feedback

Feedback from students in the Community Based Learning section of the class “New Haven and the Problems of Change in the American City” Fall 2003

“I’m really glad I’m doing the CBL section - it really makes the class for me.   The CBL component adds to the class discussion, and the group of people are concerned with the community.   Our experiences in New Haven and with our CBL projects really colors class discussions.”

  • Project: Zoning Analysis: Can inclusionary zoning policies promote residential integration in the Greater New Haven area?
  • Community Sponsor: DreamPioneers

“I feel like I am really doing a service for the Community Foundation, and the project is definitely adding to my understanding of the class.   I hope to keep working there after I finish this class and I’m thinking about using this as an independent study for my senior essay…It’s amazing.”

  • Project: A Historical Perspective on Black Philanthropy in the Greater New Haven Area
  • Community Sponsor: Community Foundation of Greater New Haven

“This is one of the best sections I’ve had because discussions are good and I’m learning a lot.   Everyone who’s in the section knows a lot about New Haven but if someone was in the class who didn’t, they would get a lot out of it as well because they would learn so much.”

  • Project: Mobility Analysis
  • Community Sponsor: DreamPioneers